How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic-Medium


Be peaceful and relaxed when preparing for your reading, don't arrange for a reading when you're upset.


Let the reader connect with you clairvoyantly before asking questions.


Be prepared for messages from loved one who are passed (or let me know ahead of time that you don't want them).


Allow the reader to do most of the talking- she is listening to spirits, angels, and guides and too much conversation prevents good attention to what is being said.


Trust that what comes is what you needed to hear at the present time and try not to press to get the answers you expected.

A quick note. NEVER let anyone tell you that you are cursed and that they can "lift the curse" for large amounts of money. These people are frauds and prey on novices. Don't engage such people or let them create fear in your life.

There are reputable psychics, mediums and Akashic readers out there.A good psychic doesn't claim to know everything, will not predict death or serious illness, and never asks for additional money over the posted cost of a reading.Be skeptical until you have established a rapport and have received confirmation of what they describe( does it sound accurate based on your experience)?Margaret Saxon

The beautiful Finger Lakes of NYS


No information and/or advice given to you by Margaret Saxon should take the place of medical, legal or financial advice given to you by a qualified professional in that field.

Margaret Saxon regards her work as inspirational and helpful and always conducts her readings with honesty and integrity. However, Margaret Saxon strongly suggests that you accept any and all information given to you as strictly metaphysical in nature and as entertainment . Margaret Saxon will not accept responsibility for any actions that you personally take based on advice or information obtained during a reading.

In regards to refunds, Margaret Saxon is happy to refund any payment made if after the first 5-6 minutes of a reading, the client feels there is no viable connection. No refunds will be offered after the reading is completed under any circumstances. I also personally guarantee that I will make every effort to accomodate your particular needs in regards to advice, counsel, mediumship, and psychic counsel to the best of my ability and under no circumstances will I make demands on your time or your finances. I strive for the utmost integrity in all my readings. In a one-question reading by email, I have no means to confirm my connection since we don't speak.