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From July 2021 Earthwindskye Newsletter

The Invisible String

“The Invisible String” is gaining momentum in popular culture with two recent hits. In both the children’s book by Patricia Karst, and the Taylor Swift song, the “Invisible String” is used as a metaphor for the loving connection we have to others.

Discovering the children’s book on YouTube, I found it charming. But it also rings true, especially in the present moment. Those we love are always connected to us by the invisible string and we to them. We remain bound to those we love over distance, time, and even death. Love keeps us connected by an Invisible String.

Like an indestructible light beam, love is a force that never stops projecting outward towards others. The same is true for the love others feel for you. To be aware of the invisible strings between you and others, between you and your Guides, and to passed loved ones makes you whole.

Another way to see the Invisible String is as an “Invisible Thread, that is to say, the Akasha. It works to view the Akasha as part of a vast spider web. Your life is recorded on silvery threads connected to all other threads woven into a design that supports the whole. The center of the web, being the densest part is the beginning or the origin of all the outgoing connections, you might call it the authorship of your life which reaches outward towards all other lives.

The design of the spider web is strong and vibrant because all the threads are connected. In your Akashic record all the invisible threads are also connected. When a person does a reading of the Akashic record you see this too; how all of life, all people, and all relationships are connected to each other. Those we love are closest to the center of the web as it radiates outward, but everyone you have ever known, and every experience is recorded on a thread –each has a placeholder in the grand design. Just as in a spider web, every thread of the Akasha is important to the structure. When we allow ourselves to recognize the connections we are compelled to love all the individual units of the invisible thread.

Patricia Karst asks in her book:

How far does the invisible string reach?

Anywhere and everywhere

Think about this the next time you are feeling alone, separated from your loved ones, or alienated. You are never disconnected, you are part of the whole, and your story is being recorded in the Akasha.

Patricia Karst’s book

Taylor Swift’s video

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