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Words are Magic

We call everything into our life through our words. Words are magic and laden with meaning. For that reason we should ALWAYS choose our words well and engage them in the service of our loftiest thoughts. I always ask people to change their wording about issues that trouble them to orient toward the outcome they want instead of the issue they have. A simple example would be: “I have a bad back” which could instead be expressed as “my back is healing.”

Words are also “peacemakers” and can sow relationships together or rend them apart. Clearly, words that disparage or malign another person are not sowers of relationship but rather reapers of destruction.

Words were the tools of poets and bards for thousands of years by which they chronicled narratives of past actions, named valuable traits honored by the community, and cited events yet to come. Recitation was a form of calling as any poet will tell you.

Using words pregnant with special and profound meaning can turn a story into an epic, a question into a certainty, a desire into manifestation.

This is especially true in how we use words to call in love and relationship.

I know someone who likes to make over-the top claims like: “My life is ruined!” and other hyperbolic announcements. This never seems to make his situation better but holds him in suspension. Cavemen painted on walls to create the desired effect- the story of what they wanted to have happen ( or least that is the theory). Therefore the cave paintings weren’t of a man being eaten by a huge boar but rather depictions of him triumphant in the hunt. If early man could know that how could we not?

So “calling” is a way of using words to evoke magic. Even the word “calling” itself has a quality of “echoing outward.” In Old Norse " kalla" meant "to cry loudly." Another early meaning for calling from the mid-13th century was "to give a name to.” Giving a name to what you want to happen is the creative aspect of making it happen.

So be especially careful in your choice of words. Even when calling in your love, do it with passionate abandonment, desire, and deep sincerity, knowing that your call will be answered. Also keep the call simple- 10-15 words will do- “My love is coming to me now with endless possibilities for shared happiness and intimacy.

Always be conscious of the narrative you create for your life because words are pronouncements and as if they were clay, shape the world of being.

Margaret Saxon- Psychic-Medium

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